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China Government released Ten Major Projects about China's Health Industry

Author:     Source:    Time: 2020-03-02

The National Development and Reform Commission and other related departments issued the "Outline of Action for Promoting the High-quality Development of the Health Industry (2019-2022)". It proposes that China will basically form a health industry system with rich content and a reasonable structure by 2022. Then, the coverage of high-quality medical and health resources will be further expanded and the integration and synergy of the health industry will be further enhanced. The technological competitiveness of the health industry will be further enhanced and the quality of talents of health industry will reach a higher level. Besides, there will be a number of health industry clusters that are with strong influence. Moreover, it will lay a solid foundation for the health industry and will become an important pillar industry of the national economy. Details of ten major projects are as follows:

I. Implementation of the Expansion Project of High-quality Medical and Health Resources

II. “Internet + Medical Health” Enhancement Project

III. Upgrading Project of TCM Health Service

IV.Cross-border Integration of Health Service

V. Science and Technology Innovation Project of Health Industry

VI. Deepening Development for Health Insurance

VII. Agglomeration Development Project of Health Industry

VIII. Talents Promotion Project of Health Industry

IX. Optimization Project for Business Environment of Health Industry

X. Comprehensive Supervision Project of Health Industry